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African Daisy (generic) Pixie® LB2600


Ageratum (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0001
Short Blue (generic) Pixie® LB0231
Short White (generic) Pixie® LB0370
Tall Blue (generic) Pixie® LK5161
Aguilera Purple Pixie® LQ6048
Aguilera Violet Pixie® LQ6049
Aguilera White * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LQ6050
Aloha Dwarf Blue Pixie® LK3768
Ariella Series Pixie® LQ0776
Blue Danube® Pixie® LB0245
Blue Horizon Pixie® LB0232
Blue Puffs Pixie® LB0265
Bumble™ Blue Pixie® LQ3369
Bumble™ Rose Pixie® LQ3370
Bumble™ Silver Pixie® LQ3371
Bumble™ White Pixie® LQ3372
Cloud Nine Blue Pixie® LK5680
Cloud Nine Mix Pixie® LK6014
Cloud Nine Pink Pixie® LK6015
Cloud Nine White Pixie® LK5681
Garden Leader™ True Blue Pixie® LB0319
Hawaii 5.0 Blue Pixie® LK5429
Hawaii Blue Pixie® LB0280
Hawaii Mix Pixie® LB0238
Hawaii Royal * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB0281
Hawaii White * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB0282
High Tide™ Blue Pixie® LK1940
High Tide™ White Pixie® LK1941
Tycoon Blue * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB0243


Alternanthera (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0002
Brazilian Red Hots Pixie® LK4433
Bronze * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LK2510
Burgundy Pixie® LK2511
Chartreuse ficoidea Pixie® LK5994
Choco Chili Pixie® LQ3373
Gold Threads Pixie® LK1714
Green/Yellow Pixie® LK2513
Grenadine Pixie® LK5682
Little Romance Pixie® LQ0857
Little Ruby Pixie® LK5683
Purple Knight Pixie® LK0594
Purple Prince Pixie® LK6016
Red Pixie® LK2514
Red Threads Pixie® LK6225
Royal Tapestry Pixie® LK3279


Alyssum (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0003
Blue-Lavender Shades (generic) Pixie® LK5162
Pastel Mix (generic) Pixie® LK5163
Pink (generic) Pixie® LB0542
Purple (generic) Pixie® LB0547
White (generic) Pixie® LB0590
Alice™ Lavender Pixie® LK1722
Alice™ Purple Pixie® LK1757
Alice™ Rose Pixie® LK1816
Alice™ White Pixie® LK1817
Carpet of Snow Pixie® LB0481
Clear Crystal® Lavender Shades Pixie® LK3770
Clear Crystal® Mixture Pixie® LK3771
Clear Crystal® Purple Shades Pixie® LK3772
Clear Crystal® White Pixie® LK3773
Easter Basket Mix (Bonnet Series) Pixie® LB0471
Easter Bonnet Blueberry Muffin Mix Pixie® LK5684
Easter Bonnet Deep Pink Pixie® LB0473
Easter Bonnet Deep Rose Pixie® LB0469
Easter Bonnet Lavender Pixie® LB0470
Easter Bonnet Lemonade Pixie® LK4777
Easter Bonnet Mix Pixie® LB0474
Easter Bonnet Pastel Mix Pixie® LK4618
Easter Bonnet Peach Pixie® LK4778
Easter Bonnet Violet Pixie® LB0472
Easter Bonnet White Pixie® LB0468
New Carpet of Snow Pixie® LB0531
North Face Pixie® LK5685
Passionaria™ Bordeaux Pixie® LK0092
Passionaria™ Dark Purple Pixie® LK0261
Passionaria™ Purple White Pixie® LK0316
Passionaria™ White Pixie® LK0353
Rosie O'Day (AAS) Pixie® LB0557
Snow Crystals™ Pixie® LB0573
Snow Storm Pixie® LB0493
Stream Bicolor Lilac Pixie® LQ5906
Stream Deep Lavender Pixie® LQ6051
Stream Lavender Pixie® LQ5818
Stream Lilac NEW-2018 Pixie® LQ6133
Stream Purple Pixie® LQ5905
Stream Raspberry Pixie® LQ5990
Stream Silver Pixie® LQ5803
Stream Snow NEW-2018 Pixie® LQ6134
Stream White Pixie® LQ5820
Sweetness™ Blue Pixie® LQ0777
Wonderland® Blue Pixie® LK2049
Wonderland® Deep Purple Pixie® LK0072
Wonderland® Deep Rose Pixie® LK4620
Wonderland® Giga White Pixie® LK4262
Wonderland® Lavender Pixie® LK0073
Wonderland® Mix Pixie® LB0489
Wonderland® Mulberry Mix Pixie® LK2738
Wonderland® Pastel Pink * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LK5687
Wonderland® Pink Pixie® LB0490
Wonderland® Purple Pixie® LB0594
Wonderland® Rose Pixie® LB0595
Wonderland® White Pixie® LB0597


Amaranthus (generic) Pixie® LB0615
Carnival Pixie® LK5673
Early Splendor Pixie® LB0619
Love Lies Bleeding Pixie® LB0617
Molten Fire Pixie® LK5995
Tricolor Splendens Pixie® LB0616
Velvet Curtains Pixie® LK6017


monellii (generic) * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LK0466
Skylover Pixie® LK2515


Anemone (generic) Pixie® LK0074
Mona Lisa® * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB0628


Angelonia (generic) Pixie® LK1085
Blue (generic) Portrait Tag® MC3083
Alonia™ Bicolor Violet NEW-2018 Pixie® LQ6135
Alonia™ Big Blue Pixie® LQ5991
Alonia™ Big Dark Pink Pixie® LQ5908
Alonia™ Big Indigo Pixie® LQ5821
Alonia™ Big Snow Pixie® LQ5822
Alonia™ Pink Flirt Pixie® LQ6086
Alonia™ Snow Ball Pixie® LQ6087
Alonia™ Violet (Big) Pixie® LQ5909
Angelos Bicolor Pixie® LK5549
Angelos Blue Pixie® LK5550
Angelos Blue & White Pixie® LQ9027
Angelos Sky Blue Pixie® LQ9028
Angelos White Pixie® LK5552
Angelos Trailing Mix NEW-2018 Pixie® LQ3570
Angelos Trailing White Pixie® LQ9020
Angelwings® Dark Blue Pixie® LK4780
Angelwings® Pink * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LK4782
Serena® Blue Pixie® LK4783
Serena® Lavender Pixie® LK1942
Serena® Lavender Pink Pixie® LK1943
Serena® Mix Pixie® LK1944
Serena® Purple Pixie® LK1945
Serena® Rose NEW-2018 Pixie® LK6536
Serena® Waterfall Mix Pixie® LK4784
Serena® White Pixie® LK1946
Serenita Series Pixie® LK4948
Serenita Lavender Pink Pixie® LK5688
Serenita Mix Pixie® LK5689
Serenita Pink (AAS) Pixie® LK5544
Serenita Purple Pixie® LK5690
Serenita Raspberry Pixie® LK5691
Serenita Sky Blue Pixie® LK5692
Serenita White Pixie® LK5693


capensis * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Portrait Tag® MC3085
Elegans Princess capensis Pixie® LQ9029


Aptenia (generic) Pixie® LK6198
Variegated Pixie® LK5553


Marguerite Daisy (generic) Portrait Tag® MC1419
Marguerite Daisy (generic) Pixie® LH5608
White (generic) Pixie® LK2050
Yellow (generic) * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Portrait Tag® MC2278
Yellow (generic) Pixie® LK2051
Angelic® Series Pixie® LQ0410
Butterfly Pixie® LK2519
Daisini Series NEW-2018 Pixie® LQ3559
Everest Pixie® LQ5823
Glory® Double Lemon Pixie® LQ0742
Glory® Double White Pixie® LQ0835
Glory® Lemon * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LQ0836
Glory® Pink Pixie® LQ0743
Glory® White Full Moon Pixie® LQ0858
Go Daisy Series Pixie® LQ0859
Honeybee Series Pixie® LQ0781


Blue (generic) Pixie® LK5166


Sprengeri (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0005


Aster (generic) Pixie® LK0075
Short (generic) Pixie® LK5170
Tall (generic) Pixie® LB0715
Ball Florist Mix Pixie® LB0641
Bonita Series Pixie® LK5554
Bouquet Powderpuffs Mix Pixie® LB0645
Dwarf Bedding Mix Pixie® LB0655
Dwarf Queen® Mix Pixie® LB0660
Matsumoto Mix Pixie® LB0636
Milady® Mix Pixie® LB0680
Perfection Mix Pixie® LB0695
Pixie Princess Mix Pixie® LB0700
Pot 'N Patio Blue Pixie® LB0702
Pot 'N Patio Mix Pixie® LB0708
Pot 'N Patio Pink Pixie® LB0703
Pot 'N Patio Scarlet Pixie® LB0705
Starlight Mix Pixie® LK0078


Golden Dollar Pixie® LK2526


Gypsy (AAS) Pixie® LB0891
Gypsy Deep Rose (AAS) Pixie® LK1185
Gypsy White Pixie® LK5430


Bacopa (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0006
Bacopa (generic) Hang-N-Tag® MB7150
Bacopa (generic) Portrait Tag® MC1420
Blue (generic) Pixie® LK1497
Lavender (generic) Pixie® LK1528
White (generic) Pixie® LB0731
Baja (white) Pixie® LQ3114
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