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Mandevilla (generic) Hang-N-Tag® MB4500
Mandevilla (generic) Pixie® LG4500
Bella Series Pixie® LQ3806


Candy Corn Pixie® LD0038


Bella Mix Pixie® LG0011
Variegated Salmon Pixie® LK2508


African (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0077
African Orange (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0078
African White (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0079
African Yellow (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0080
French (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0081
French Bicolor (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0082
French Orange (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0083
French Red (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0084
French Yellow (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0085
Marigold (generic) (Bilingual Design!) Pixie® LS0076
African Gold (generic) Pixie® LK5281
Dwarf Bicolor (generic) Pixie® LB4597
Dwarf Mix (generic) Pixie® LB4755
Dwarf Orange (generic) Pixie® LB4756
Dwarf Yellow (generic) Pixie® LB4757
Orange (generic) Pixie® LB5025
Red (generic) Pixie® LB4641
Tall Orange (generic) Pixie® LB5036
Tall Yellow (generic) Pixie® LB5380
Yellow (generic) Pixie® LB5358
Alumia™ Crème Brulee Pixie® LK6865
Alumia™ Deep Orange Pixie® LK5481
Alumia™ Flame Pixie® LK5482
Alumia™ Mix NEW-2023 Pixie® LK7166
Alumia™ Vanilla Cream Pixie® LK5485
Alumia™ Yellow Pixie® LK5486
Antigua Gold Pixie® LB4603
Antigua Mix Pixie® LB4602
Antigua Orange Pixie® LB4601
Antigua Primrose Pixie® LB4678
Antigua Yellow Pixie® LB4600
Bali Gold (Garden Joy Gold) Pixie® LK5494
Bali Mix (Garden Joy Gold) Pixie® LK6086
Bali Orange (Garden Joy Mix) Pixie® LK5495
Bali Yellow (Garden Joy Orange) Pixie® LK5496
Big Duck Gold (AAS) Pixie® LK6588
Big Duck Orange Pixie® LK6827
Big Duck Yellow Pixie® LK6828
Big Top™ Gold Pixie® LK6803
Big Top™ Mix Pixie® LK6804
Big Top™ Orange Pixie® LK6805
Big Top™ Yellow Pixie® LK6806
Bolero (AAS) Pixie® LB4650
Bonanza Bee Pixie® LB4654
Bonanza Bolero (AAS) Pixie® LB4674
Bonanza Deep Orange Pixie® LB4655
Bonanza Flame Pixie® LB4658
Bonanza Gold Pixie® LB4656
Bonanza Harmony Pixie® LB4659
Bonanza Mix Pixie® LB4657
Bonanza Orange Pixie® LB4661
Bonanza Yellow Pixie® LB4660
Boy Harmony Pixie® LB4858
Boy O' Boy Mix Pixie® LB4670
Boy Orange Pixie® LB5028
Boy Spry Pixie® LB5241
Boy Yellow Pixie® LB5365
Chica Flame Pixie® LK6220
Chica Mix Pixie® LK6223
Chica Orange Pixie® LK6222
Chica Yellow Pixie® LK6224
Crackerjack Mix Pixie® LB4723
Cresta™ Bee NEW-2023 Pixie® LK7167
Cresta™ Deep Orange Pixie® LK5491
Cresta™ Flame Pixie® LK5487
Cresta™ Gold Pixie® LK5488
Cresta™ Harmony Pixie® LK5489
Cresta™ Mix NEW-2023 Pixie® LK7168
Cresta™ Orange Pixie® LK5490
Cresta™ Spry Pixie® LK5492
Cresta™ Yellow Pixie® LK5493
Crush® Pineapple * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB5089
Crush® Pumpkin * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB5100
Disco Golden Yellow * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB4730
Disco Granada Pixie® LB4675
Disco Marietta Pixie® LB4732
Disco Mix Pixie® LB4734
Disco Orange Pixie® LB4736
Disco Red Pixie® LB4738
Disco Yellow Pixie® LB4628
Discovery™ Mix Pixie® LB4743
Discovery™ Orange Pixie® LB4744
Discovery™ Yellow Pixie® LB4745
Durango® Bee Pixie® LB4694
Durango® Bolero Pixie® LK0799
Durango® Flame Pixie® LB4699
Durango® Gold Pixie® LB4700
Durango® Mix Pixie® LB4702
Durango® Orange Pixie® LB4703
Durango® Outback Mix Pixie® LK1618
Durango® Red Pixie® LB4704
Durango® Tangerine Pixie® LK0800
Durango® Yellow Pixie® LB4708
Endurance™ Mix Pixie® LK6866
Endurance™ Orange Pixie® LK6867
Endurance™ Sunset Gold Pixie® LK6868
Endurance™ Yellow Pixie® LK6869
Fireball Pixie® LK6085
Flamenco Pixie® LK6557
French Vanilla™ Pixie® LB4664
Gem Pixie® LK2891
Gem Golden Pixie® LB4709
Happy™ Gold Pixie® LK6907
Happy™ Harmony Pixie® LK6908
Happy™ Mix Pixie® LK6909
Happy™ Orange Pixie® LK6910
Happy™ Spry Pixie® LK6911
Happy™ Yellow Pixie® LK6912
Hero™ Bee Pixie® LB4707
Hero™ Flame Pixie® LB4863
Hero™ Harmony Pixie® LB4866
Hero™ Mix Pixie® LB4867
Hero™ Orange Pixie® LB4869
Hero™ Spry Pixie® LB4663
Hero™ Yellow Pixie® LB4864
Hot Pak Fire Pixie® LK5801
Hot Pak Flame Pixie® LK5802
Hot Pak Gold Pixie® LK5803
Hot Pak Harmony Pixie® LK5804
Hot Pak Mix Pixie® LK5805
Hot Pak Orange Pixie® LK5806
Hot Pak Spry Pixie® LK5807
Hot Pak Yellow Pixie® LK5808
Inca Gold Pixie® LB4879
Inca Mix Pixie® LB4881
Inca Orange Pixie® LB4880
Inca Yellow Pixie® LB4882
Inca II™ Deep Orange Pixie® LK6647
Inca II™ Gold Pixie® LK0233
Inca II™ Mix Pixie® LK0801
Inca II™ Orange Pixie® LK0234
Inca II™ Primrose Pixie® LK0235
Inca II™ Yellow Pixie® LK0236
Janie Bright Yellow Pixie® LB4906
Janie Deep Orange Pixie® LB4903
Janie Flame Pixie® LB4902
Janie Gold (AAS) Pixie® LB4900
Janie Harmony Pixie® LB4904
Janie Mix Pixie® LB4907
Janie Primrose Pixie® LB4635
Janie Spry Pixie® LB4595
Janie Tangerine Pixie® LB4905
Jedi Orange (Cracker Joe Orange) Pixie® LK6084
Lady First (AAS) Pixie® LB4790
Lady Mix Pixie® LK2672
Lady Orange Pixie® LB5031
Lady Primrose (AAS) * Discontinued, available while supplies last. Pixie® LB5095
Lemon Drop Pixie® LB4948
Leopard Pixie® LB4952
Little Devil Fire Pixie® LB4960
Little Duck Orange Pixie® LK6753
Little Duck Yellow Pixie® LK6754
Little Hero™ Fire Pixie® LB4622
Little Hero™ Mix Pixie® LB4637
Little Hero™ Orange Pixie® LB4638
Little Hero™ Spry Pixie® LB4676
Little Hero™ Yellow Pixie® LB4639
Lulu Pixie® LB4624
Marietta Red Pixie® LB4970
Marvel II™ Gold Pixie® LK6913
Marvel II™ Mix Pixie® LK6914
Marvel II™ Orange Pixie® LK6915
Marvel II™ Yellow Pixie® LK6916
Marvel Gold Pixie® LB4966
Marvel Mix Pixie® LB4688
Marvel Orange Pixie® LB4967
Marvel Yellow Pixie® LB4968
Moonstruck® Orange Pixie® LK1624
Moonstruck® Yellow Pixie® LK1522
Mr. Majestic Pixie® LK0237
Perfection Orange Pixie® LB5058
Perfection Yellow Pixie® LB5059
Proud Mari Gold Pixie® LK5809
Proud Mari Mix Pixie® LK5810
Proud Mari Orange Pixie® LK5811
Proud Mari Yellow Pixie® LK5812
Safari Bolero Pixie® LB4642
Safari Gold Pixie® LB4643
Safari Mix Pixie® LB4644
Safari Orange Pixie® LB5178
Safari Queen Pixie® LB4645
Safari Red Pixie® LB4647
Safari Scarlet Pixie® LB5179
Safari Tangerine Pixie® LB4646
Safari Yellow Pixie® LB5180
Safari Yellow Fire Pixie® LK1280
Sophia® Queen (AAS) Pixie® LB5120
Strawberry Blonde Pixie® LK6087
Super Hero™ Deep Orange Pixie® LK6394
Super Hero™ Deep Yellow Pixie® LK7015
Super Hero™ Gold Pixie® LK7014
Super Hero™ Harmony Pixie® LK6395
Super Hero™ Mix Pixie® LK6396
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